South Pacific Kayaks

Excellent Service and Satisfaction for Over 23 Years

The Tiki Team at South Pacific Kayaks offers a variety of ocean adventures including kayaking and snorkeling, surfing and SUP, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and even guided hikes to a variety of secluded spots. They have friendly, expert instructors ready to take you on all the activities and adventures Maui has to offer!


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Eye-To-Eye Adventures

The Tiki Team Kayak Tour provides guests the opportunity to sit eye-level with the humpback whales visiting Maui’s warm, tropical waters every year from December to May. You’ll thrill to see these gentle giants up close in the ocean – they can be just as curious about you as you are to see them! Kayaking is a great activity the whole family can enjoy.


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A Natural Approach

The Tiki Team at South Pacific Kayaks has a policy of allowing the whales to approach the kayaks, rather than approaching them. Viewing whales from a kayak is truly an unforgettable experience, and one not to be missed. Or, choose a snorkel trip to see green sea turtles up close, or a hike to visit a tropical rainforest. No matter what activity you choose, South Pacific Kayaks is there to ensure your safety and enjoyment of Maui’s magical environment in an eco-friendly way!


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