Hawaii Ocean Rafting

You Can’t Get Any Closer Than This

One of the greatest things about whale watching from a raft is that you’re right at eye level to the humpbacks – and they love to approach boats and put on a show. Hawaii Ocean Rafting specializes in bringing you one of the best shows on Maui! Featuring fast, maneuverable, 30-foot hard-bottom inflatable rafts, Hawaii Ocean Rafting provides comfortable seating for up to 16 passengers. You’ll get spectacular views of Maui’s humpbacks from front row seats.


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Dolphins And More

Dolphins love jumping out of the water and riding alongside or in the bow wave of boats – Hawaii Ocean Rafting provides some of the best seats in town. Being so close to the action makes for some fantastic photo opportunities.


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Four Daily Trips To Choose From

Take your pick – from early morning when ocean conditions are really smooth, to late afternoon when you can see spectacular sunsets and maybe a rainbow or two – either way, you’ll have a memorable trip seeing Maui’s sea-life up close and in person. Trips depart daily from Lahaina Harbor at 7:30am, 10:00am, 1:30pm and 4:00pm.


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